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  1. Sam,

    nice built for comfort
  2. IMG00060-20100116-2014.jpg

    one things for sure they must have been popular they would turn phones off at bedtime and when they woke up in morn about fifty bloody messages would come thru they dissappeared off the face of the earth last couple days i was there,prob had a better offer
  3. IMG00060-20100116-2014.jpg

    Yes I had her for three nights and cple her mates i think she wasnt happy i was not tipping her enough worked at ponytails in angeles
  4. Angeles cuties

  5. IMG00056-20100116-2013.JPG

    Sexy twosome from AC
  6. sucker.jpg

    cute looks happy
  7. 02.jpg

    Now wheres that Strapon?
  8. 097.JPG

    lovely did you give that a good stretching?
  9. fridays pic

    one on left lives in aus now ,noosa i think other married an english bloke but she may be back in thailand as i heard he died of a heart attack
  10. baise16_big.jpg

    Clearly a Well practised Gal
  11. CIMG0936.JPG

    Flaps down for landing!
  12. ATT131919.jpg

    Every time I go to Pattaya
  13. JAN2007 023 copy.jpg

    wheres me fookin lawnmower
  14. thai girls fun 2007 010.jpg

    been around the clock a couple of times this one