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  1. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    that is definitely out. are you making that number up?
  2. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    looking awesome period. I don't see the problem. you know she has a cock rotation. you just want to be on it.
  3. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    she should at least wave. nice looking body.
  4. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    does "dave' know he's on camera?
  5. Image(030).jpg

    yes very artistic.
  6. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    toned legs. that's always a plus
  7. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    unfortunately, they're not really viewable.
  8. 1

    we do like to maintain the social niceties though, don't we?
  9. Vegemite

    the appeal is utterly lost on me. It is the durian of australia
  10. Great News For Ab007 & Guy360!?

    humbug. Cuba was a great place for mongering. It's going to be ruined by hordes of Americans. nothing personal. different style than thai altogether. but for now, who cares, I'll be in Thailand for at least a month.
  11. Mild - Ex Mango Massage

    cant believe I missed her and now she's gone. I'm guessing those are bolt-ons, but damn.
  12. Kat

    nice natural firm tits, nothing really sagging, I like it.
  13. Vegemite

    that stuff is basically yeast.
  14. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    bottom quadrant, third from the right. is that you?
  15. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    I think that's Virgin on the Ridiculous. hoho. I'm putting that down as a candidate for pun of the month. Puns are of course low brow humor, which is probably why we use them so much here. So Under, is it true you've never seen the Sun?