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  1. So good to be back!

  2. About to step on the plane! ahhhhhh.....

  3. The cuntdown begins.. 43 days till touchdown...

  4. Ahh... now doesn't that feel a whole lot better?

  5. 3 more days...... ahh...

  6. Ahh ... Thats better! Feels so good to have that airline confirmation code. Cuming back again Feb 19th!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. marcob


      Bower PM me I will be there until March 14 - marco

    3. Bower


      Will do. I actually arrive March 11th not Feb but will contact on arrival.

    4. marcob


      Cool . we will still have a couple of days to party. - airport

  7. Great News For Ab007 & Guy360!?

    Better to be sorely missed than to be missing sores....
  8. Great News For Ab007 & Guy360!?

    It's the ONLY thing Obama has done right!
  9. OMFG I am back in Falangland!!!

    1. undercover


      Sincere condolences - I empathise what you are going through right now, more than most.

      Be seeing you...


    2. marcob


      Thanks Buddy, I need to manipulate work so I can get back soon..


  10. Thank god I am coming back in Nov! I dont know how long i could hold out without tattooing my name on a girl - It's been over a month! 555

    1. übergroβgeil


      Our best estimate at that time of year, there will still be 19,900 LBFMs remaining that will be prepared to tattoo your name on their left tit.

    2. marcob


      correction 19,899! Just think I could double my numbers it I went for BOTH tits!!

  11. 7

    Unselfishly giving all the aid they can!!!
  12. Had my name Tattooed on 10 Ladies this trip... 5555. Missing LOS already

    1. benbear
    2. übergroβgeil


      So it was more subdued than normal?

  13. Finally here LIGLOS (life is Good in Land of smiles)

  14. Why can't I get this damn LBFM in my profile pic to stand up straight?

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    2. marcob


      Got it!! Resized the pic. And she stood up straight. I FINALLY get a girl to do what I want!!!

    3. übergroβgeil


      Hope you "tipped" her well.

    4. Bower


      I thought they always ended up horizontal with you !

  15. It's close now... real close...

    1. Bower


      Ain't ya there yet Marcob ? We're waiting on those trip reports !!

    2. marcob


      Heh heh One more day.... tic tic tic...

    3. Bower