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  1. Looking awesome for 33 years old

  2. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    I think you have a Mild addiction thaiKC. Can't say I blame you though.
  3. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    It's the same Mild that we have seen naked getting fucked. I think maybe your radar could do with a tweak.
  4. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Can you please upgrade your camera to one with colour.
  5. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Instead of being with Allen Funt, he's with a hairy cunt.
  6. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    I wouldn't.
  7. Image(030).jpg

    I could do with a pair of them right now.
  8. Vegemite

  9. Vegemite

    Vegemite on toast with avocado is really nice.
  10. Great News For Ab007 & Guy360!?

    Good to see your words again Undercover. Been too long without your slant on humour. Good wishes for the festive season to you and all other board members.
  11. Another Milestone

    And congratulations to Guy360
  12. Another Milestone

    There are a number of ways members can be sorted but plus or minus ratings is not one of them.
  13. Are they really like that? They seem so sweet.
  14. Actually I was wondering if they were allowed to taste-test the product - as in chefs in a kitchen?? I take it that Todays Special is Cream of Som Young Guy.... Good one. I"ll skip the soup course