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  1. Arriving late October for a few weeks, who’s in town ?..

  2. Arriving Patts mid September, who else will be around ?

  3. 21days, hope it's cooled down a bit by then

  4. Really missing those margaritas that I know you guys are drinking right now in soi 7

  5. Arriving Patts in less than a week, would any local Bm's please stop the rain :)

  6. Back in the loop, best wishes to all. hope i haven't missed too much !!

  7. I missed so much !!! Merry Xmas guys and lets look forward to a great New Year.

  8. Arrive back in BKK this evening

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to the Yanks amongst us

  10. 2 nights out with Under and the chaps,...i need a rest!!!!

  11. The Branston survived the journey,i,m ok too!

  12. Happy Birthday Under and thanks for all the help this year.

  13. Flight and hotel booked,35 days to go.I am just so impatient !!!

  14. Thank you for helping out our friend today !

  15. Arrive back in BKK 1st April.

    1. Beefy


      And that is not an April Fool's joke!!!

      Do enjoy!

    2. Bower


      Its no joke !

      I will do my best.