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  1. One more full-timer, congrats, good for you. This board surely needs some activity, good to see you back.
  2. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Good to see you back thaiKC, enjoy the tuna:-)
  3. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Then I guess "Dave" didn't enjoy the dicussion with thaiKC as much as he did shagging his lady.
  4. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Will be an interesting come-out... This post kind of developed from a nice pic post into a thrilling story post...
  5. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    That one looks great on each of those pics, thx for sharing.
  6. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Those look juicy, would love to get a taste of it.
  7. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    Now we can confirm, looking very awesome for 33 years old. A lot of younger ones would love to look like that.
  8. Image(030).jpg

    So we need to clone those
  9. Image(030).jpg

    A wonderful stil life that is
  10. Songkran is not for me

  11. Farang idiots on Buakhaow have started the water war yesterday. That was April 12th. Fucking bastards. Next time I'll make sure I'm not around at "Happy Songkran"

    1. Plaque


      ...wellcome to Thailand...

    2. Max


      It's part of the package when travelling at that time of the year, still very enjoyable.

    3. Plaque


      I have been at some  "Happy Songkrans" in full war, in the frontlines... over the years, but I avoid them nowadays... 

  12. Great News For Ab007 & Guy360!?

    Great to hear from you again Under, it's been a while...hope you're doing fine. Being an aficionado myself I'm curious how long it will take until official sales of cuban sticks in the US will get started. There's been rumours around for years that Cuba has already produced and stocked cigars for the US market. I wish for myself that US smokers are fools for thinner ring gages as myself. That might help on a long term to stop Cuba from discontinuing thinner gages and producing more and more Robusto and thicker ones.
  13. Maybe a little side trip to Cambodia?

  14. Raining cats and dogs in Ranong. Every day.

  15. Yeah, and he has been practising at a very early age with a Lolitas honey :-)