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  1. I'm not sure they really love their parents as much as they feel a cultural duty towards them. Or perhaps to be loved by them? If they're removed from the environment of elders tut-tut-ing around them, do they really care as much? I've a theory that some bargirls have babies deliberately when they know the father's not going to stick around just so they've got something for themselves, something else the money can go towards rather than just a life-sucking parent. And I've seen Thai women look at their own babies with the same love that western mothers use. I just can't buy the theory that it's natural for love to flow that way. I mean - where else do you see that in nature? Animals care for their young. Their young don't sacrifice themselves caring for their parents every whim. You're also writing from the perspective of an older person and a monger. There have been cases of Thai women who don't need money marrying farangs of the same age so romantic love is possible (although on the whole, your cynical tone is probably, sadly, warranted!)