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  1. Hey guy whats the girls name in your profile pic, she looks she a masage girl in soi 7 beach rd?

  2. Pokémon

    He has to wait for traffic to stop first. Guy
  3. Pokémon

    There is a 1965 Buick Electra in there. The guy just found the keys and will crawl in and drive it out. Guy
  4. Pokémon

    I'd like to Pokeman her. Guy
  5. Pokémon

    And everyone who looks like Pokeman.
  6. Vegemite

    And you never want to brush your teeth with that. Guy
  7. Vegemite

    Vegemite is Yeast Extract. It is taken from the pussy of bar girls who have yeast infections. Guy
  8. Vegemite

    Vegemite can knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. Guy
  9. Another Milestone

    WOW! I am truly honored. Thanks to all of our members for your kind support. All we want to do here is to make your time in LOS a rewarding and memorable one. We also wish to make the road to Thailand easier for those who are currently unable or unwilling to make the journey today and hope that tomorrow will bring them the opportunity to share the fun, joy and excitement that only LOS can bring. Again, thank you for all the support over the years. Guy
  10. I just loved the "no panties" look. I still do. Guy
  11. You make valid points, James. Painting with a broad brush, as I did, certainly creates fault lines, cracks and crevices on the foundation. Your thoughts on Thai girls having babies is also spot on in my estimation. You see that in the USA with inner city unwed girls having babies, not just for the welfare and income aspect, but to have something of their own to love or the feel of a child needing them. Perhaps I should have said Love and/ or Obligation flows upward as it may have been more realistic. Whichever way it may be, the bottom line is that these girls do take care of their parents and accept the obligation of doing so. Whether it be for love (I believe in most cases) or cultural obligation, the result is the same. I also totally agree that there are Thai women who don't marry for money or security but out of love for the individual. I was living in Thailand from 1965 to 1972 as a young 20 something kid and have seen and felt the LOVE of Thai women, even though I was a poor, US serviceman who didn't have two nickels to rub together by the end of the month. I am involved in a relationship where I have no doubt that my gf loves me, and, if the occasion ever arose, that she would take care of me both economically and emotionally. I also have several friends who are married to Thai women where money is not an issue. I didn't intend my post to be cynical or ring with a cynical tone. I was just trying to portray Thai culture and the way of life using a broad brush yet not depicting right or wrong...just what is. Guy
  12. Although MONEY is one of the factors, it isn't all about money. It is all about SECURITY. Security takes its form in money, as well as land, a house and gold. There is no social net for the Thai people, especially the farmers in the poor areas. Medical, dental, clothing, food and even shelter are of deep concerns for Thai people. There are no pensions. There isn't any social security. When you are too old or too sick to work the farms, you become a burden on your family and community. Only land, a house, money and gold can prevent you from starving to death, freezing in winter or getting heat stroke in summer. Thai and Western culture towards parents and the elderly travel in totally diametrically opposite positions. In the West, 5 children find it difficult to care for 1 elderly or sick mother. Yet that same mother was capable of taking care of all 5 children. Love flows downward in the West. Parents tend to love their children far more than the children love and respect their parents. In Thailand, the opposite is true. Love flows upwards. The 5 children will love and respect the parent more than the parent loves the children. That is why Thai ladies, in particular, are respectful and feel a deep sense of obligation to take care of their parents. Unfortunately, it usually befalls the girls more than the men and often the youngest of the girls. That is why your BG will be sending nearly all of her money up to her mother, not only to take care of her child, but to help support them. Think security when you are giving money to a Thai lady. Other than her own living expenses and money she lends to others or snorts up her nose, the rest goes home to provide for the family. The closer to getting to age 30, the more the girl thinks of security. The young ones, 18 - 25, rarely think about it. It starts hitting home after 25 when the younger girls are getting the clients, less income is coming in and more expenses are arising. Guy
  13. They could tattoo it on every falang coming to LOS and, as Melvin stated, they will still queue up. It never ceases to amaze me how much a man will invest to complete his fantasy. The lure of the Thai lady is similar to Odysseus being warned by Circe in the Odyssey Book XII about the dangers of the Sirens. The siren call is nearly impossible to resist. In Greek mythology, the sirens who allured the seamen (Thai women allure the semen) were sea nymphs beguiling enough to begin with, but with even more enticing voices. The Thai ladies have the bodies and the guile to lure a man to do things he never believed he would ever do. Some pics of the monks, the dishes and the Sin Sot. Guy
  14. Grumpy, I was joking about my gf's mother and brother. They are fine. However the younger brother is always drunk and I think he ran over a pig with his motorbike the other day. Melvin, the above wasn't even a marriage. It was just a first time introduction to the family. A wedding happens to be a big affair where not only her village attends, but several other villages are invited. Preparation starts two weeks earlier where a large stage is built, chairs and tables are trucked in. Loud speaker systems, amplifiers and huge sound systems are wired and installed. When tested on volume, if windows aren't blown out within 200 yards of the speakers, it isn't considered loud enough and its upped until Soi dogs in Burma begin howling. Chords played by the musicians echoing Dah di datta dot become the beckoning calls for everyone within earshot to get ready to party. The 12 cases of Scotch are joined by 10 more cases of Lao whiskey, 14 kegs of Chang beer, 9 dozen cartons of cigarettes and a pick up truck loaded with Nam Soda, Cokes and Strawberry Soda are unloaded and stacked on tables. The women begin cooking the rats, bugs, snakes and other assorted vermin enjoyed by all. And let's not forget the ant eggs. Add all the 100kg of assorted seafood you brought, 10 pigs put on the roasting spit and several old Soi dogs who had been run over earlier that week and stored in the local market's freezer on put on the BBQ. The 2 day party usually starts at 6am with the drums beating and a parade of Monks from the 5 closest temples heading for their special seating on a platform. The village ladies start serving them rice in gold dishes where each one cost you more than 5 Soapies at Annies and three takeouts at Star of Light. Meanwhile, you are into negotiating the Sin Sot with the mother and bride. You finally agree to present 300,000 baht in cash and 10 baht of gold, along with a signed and notarized Will leaving all your possessions to your new wife. Your future father in law now puts down his machete and smiles at you. As the million man march arrives at the party site, you are reminded that you still have to take a continuous inventory of the food and drink and make certain you don't run out. Keep that ATM and charge card available for many runs into the town. St can become LT and LT can become a Life Time. Guy