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  1. alisa10

    Hi Ulrich, did you ever follow up wth Alisa? She is now built like a tank !
  2. Tim and friends.jpg

    The one on the right for me. Looks a little bit Japanese?
  3. alisa10

    She appears to be into Arabs now! Even has a belly dancing outfit. She has also put on about 20+ kgs. in weight. Funny really, she looks so fat now but it is all solid and not at all flabby, maybe a hormone problem? She actually sent me an e-mail saying Thank you for a good fucK! First ever 5555
  4. Alisa5.jpg

    She is piling on the weight now.Maybe too many farang meals!She wants me to take her for a week, but I think one nighters are best bet.
  5. Noi

    Where did you meet her? Looks like she has good tits!!
  6. Alisa5.jpg

    She is on
  7. phud.jpg

    Her name was Phud, in Patong. Do you know her? My first Thai great love!
  8. alisa stuff

    Alisa I took in BKK last October after talking on the net for 2 months. She has just sent me pics of gear she has bought and wants to try on my next trip. Join the Q boys!!
  9. honey.JPG

    Honey, freelancer on Sukhumvit.
  10. phud2.jpg

    Phud, met her in Phuket 2008. Lovely girl!
  11. Alisa5.jpg

    Alisa, met her on dating site and then met in BKK, October 2011
  12. 011.jpg

    Bigger balls than me!!
  13. DSC03126.JPG

    Ladyboy, yes?
  14. dasdasd.jpg

    Love the boobs! just my type!!