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  1. I would if he would be online punctually.....
  2. is in Saigon now!

  3. Will be in Pattaya in20 hours time!

  4. Excellent report! Dongguan is the place to be!
  5. Guy360, undercover, Chief - Same meeting place, 5 pm for our favourite 1 for 1 happy hour drinks!

  6. Arrive Swampy 1650 hrs today!

    1. Bower


      Have great trip Beefy but leave some for the rest of us arriving later !!!

    2. Beefy


      Let me paint Bangkok red for 2 nights first then I'll head on to Pattaya!

  7. I just read your post on the 2 girls from Champangnes. May I know their names if you can recall. Pics if possible. Would like to avoid them when I patronise that go go bar. Thanks in advance!

  8. Guy, Let's do that trip around September?
  9. If you are bored with Hong Kong and Kowloon, you have to consider Zhuhai. China. It is a 70 min ferry ride from HK. A fantastic soapie from 350 rmb up. Better lookers and taller ones from 450 to 550 rmb. I would recommend mongers to stay at the spa called 'qing hai yun tian' for about 118 rmb just for the overnighter. Massage charges are seperate. You pay for the bill at the end of the stay. After the formalities, head on to Lotus Street ("lian hua jie"). Street beer bars galore and lots of pretty chicks tending them. The BBQ meat shop at the start of the street is fantastic - especially the mutton. Combine that at the street beer bar - Heavenly. High grade and quality branded fake goods are openly available on that street at a fraction of the ORIGINAL cost. The local street restaurants that serve the roasts are a MUSTY-try. Especially the goose. If you're staying in a hotel with your YFM, pack a whole roasted duck back to your room and couple that with a good red. It will be a good prelude to the sexplosives. ENJOY! My HK$2 worth.
  10. At last the forum is back in operation!

  11. Bangkok here I cum!

  12. has arrived Pattaya!

  13. Max: Back to SG onThursday!

  14. Pattaya: I arrive tonight!

  15. Arrive LOS this Friday night!