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  1. thai082.jpg

    The normal fine, I never pay more for anything.
  2. thai085.jpg

    What should I do? She begged for that.
  3. thai_043.jpg

    Nothing to excuse. Not everybody can be a gourmet.
  4. Som-02.JPG

    Nice lips!
  5. brasilien002.jpg

    I meet her in the "Quattro x Quattro" (4x4) Thermae, Rua Buenos Aires 44, Rio de Janeiro. The price for 90 minutes is... round about 50 bucks. Service: Outstanding! Ask, I'll answer, if I can Grubert
  6. phils01.jpg

    Sure, my friend. Where you from - Germany? Grubert
  7. phils22.jpg

    I always try my very best Grubert
  8. kambodscha001.jpg

    And to love to enjoy the free pics and informations, true? Grubert
  9. kambodscha006.jpg

    Relax, friends. I never work with fakes. What you mean is her make up... it's cambo like. grubert
  10. kenia002.jpg

    Not really. It was a joke. Please repete: Haa haaa haaaa! But the opening in the mask was too small for my dick Grubert
  11. kenia004.jpg

    Good girl!!! Grubert
  12. kenia007.jpg

    She's a really nice girl. grubert
  13. kenia008.jpg

    You certainly could! Buy a ticket to Mombasa, and visit the "Casablanca Club". Well known by everybody. Grubert
  14. kenia011.jpg

    Sure - try it! But it must be WET... Grubert
  15. kenia014.jpg

    Oh oh, this album is called "Kenya"... it's not a place in Thailand Grubert