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  1. 02.jpg

    Looking good!
  2. 2000 C

    Nice tits. Seems a shame to meddle with them - in the surgical sense, of course.
  3. Adi

    Have you noticed that since the advent of the autofocus camera, all photographs are now thoroughly out of focus?
  4. DSCN1952a.jpg

    This end looks quite delightful. How did it perform, and how was the other end?
  5. P1010011.JPG

    Unusually inviting. Nice choice. Thanks for sharing!
  6. pic.f7.1174469493.jpg

    The best shot of a very well taken set - and to answer your question - yes, very probably. Gorgeous!
  7. Nice ass

    Or like the black sheep - which shouldn't be a problem for sheepshager?
  8. pic.f5.1174775829.jpg

    Wow! By the looks of those nipples, you must have had the a/c temperature turned down WAY too low! God bless you!
  9. 200612-19.jpg

    Definitely looks rather special
  10. Deep in the bush