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  1. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    o k , thanks for the info. regards B.B.
  2. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    Undercover, you should be able to answer my question, Why is it that next to my avatar is it ?my name, chosen picture does it state that I have 0 warning points ? does that infer that because I have spoke my mind on a few issues in the past that I'm on my last warning and about to be deleted from barladies ? Or I have a top rating for my words of wisdom ?I seem to be the only punter with this comment next to him, please explain. regards bungalowbill.
  3. Vegemite

    Under I,ll be back in patts late oct/ nov, meet up with #2 busing in from paradise ubon, hopefully get together for a drink or 2 with you & whoevers in patts @ that time,Do you want any vegemite or other delicacies from down under, Larb ging-jo ? how's big mel getting on, has he met his lovely yet, ? settled down somewhere? regards B.B.
  4. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    I'll have to look for his cape next time we meet (undercover) atleast he's grown out of the habit of underpants on the outside, or is that before they get to many stains, richard widmarks, on them. What's that, Is it a bird or a plane ? NO it's SUPERMONGER, can pick katoeys @ 10 paces, bend rules when it suits, Willing to share his wisdom to new members,constantly patrolling the fine streets of pattaya for new talent & venues, coupled with vaginal lip reading skills, we are indeed fortunate to have him in our midst. rgds bungalowbill. (see you in oct/nov.) :clap:
  5. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    I know her, is she 5'2" black hair, an Isaan brown, flattish nose, she said she'd wait 4 me, Regards busta hymen.
  6. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    Undercover,I won't ask, but I can tell you #2 &myself have a good 1st visit to Vietnam, there's some stunning women in the north, lighter color skin , worth a solo adventure trip, language is a slight problem. Regards B.B
  7. Sora_Aoi2.jpg

    glamour,good sort just needs a shave,B.B. to the rescue
  8. pinay11.jpg

    She or he has got fuck written all over it, bungalowbill will fix you my sweetness.
  9. bl05.jpg

    Yeah looks like she luvs a donald duck, with no holes baRRed, god I luv thailand. regards bungalowbill.
  10. bl06.jpg

    IT"S f-ing beatifull, male or female ( hopefully the latter) I will give it a good fucking . regards bungalowbill.
  11. Not on my List

    just to think,I had a wank over :HER: my god , things are deceiving. regards bungalowbill.
  12. l_3ae4f7948e98c1e7b2d6b9e1559ec649[1].jpg

    Yes bloke for sure, hasen't quite got the natural female curves, anyone agree? then again I could be wrong. regards bungalowbill.
  13. l_bd629cff8c7756cb587a002beb57702b[1].jpg

    its a ladyboy, or I've had more to drink than I thought regards bungalowbill.
  14. Another in the series

    looks good but sure it's not a bloke!
  15. bl025.jpg

    And further this lovely lady hopefully wont mind if I chose her photo as my ava ... She is truly a lovely specimen of the opp sex & I want to take her on a holiday & spoil her your friend bungalowbill.