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  1. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    thats one arousing looking gal, cannot beat a well healthy fit mature thai gal, they know how to please and usually do 'the lot' ! cheers
  2. Mild in Bikini

    very nice, attractive healthy looking gal, i would imagine a very enjoyable experience
  3. Dear Terak i have a sore throat at the moment but i am shortly going to get some nice soothing lubrication to help me swallow chock dee krap
  4. They could tattoo it on every falang coming to LOS and, as Melvin stated, they will still queue up. It never ceases to amaze me how much a man will invest to complete his fantasy. The lure of the Thai lady is similar to Odysseus being warned by Circe in the Odyssey Book XII about the dangers of the Sirens. The siren call is nearly impossible to resist. In Greek mythology, the sirens who allured the seamen (Thai women allure the semen) were sea nymphs beguiling enough to begin with, but with even more enticing voices. The Thai ladies have the bodies and the guile to lure a man to do things he never believed he would ever do. Some pics of the monks, the dishes and the Sin Sot. DSC03990.JPG DSC04029.JPG Sin Sot.JPG Guy Guy, priceless posts, hilarious, wow that sin sot would pay for several of my holidays Cheers Dth
  5. JiabRP-1.jpg

    classic face
  6. Fine chicks

    and people wonder why we want to come to Pattaya!
  7. Legends Pool & Sports Bar

    UC that looks pretty good!!!thanks for post, saw you at 3.55, It will be interesting to have a game on the smaller pockets Cheers Dth
  8. New Section: Don't Ask Undercover !

    Hey Mr Undercover with your tremendous experience of Pattaya, how about starting a topic on your new section, for the benefit of members, something along the lines of 'Places you might want to visit in Pattaya and places you once visited but forgot to visit again !!! as your Buffalo bar post reminded me of such a place! (only bloody 3 mins from my digs) For example I would suggest, The Kinnerre Club, (relaxing, discreet club/bar with classy girls, ST rooms onsite)The Bamboo Bar, meet Thai MILF'S, live show band, dance with your lady. The Welkomm inn, St place on Soi 3, often overlooked by the busy monger, but can have some good lookers Soi Chaiyappon massage parlors, off Soi Bukowe near Oasis a Gogo, industrial strength jizz drainers, an alternative to Soi Honey The Dark Side Bars, ?? and not just mongering places but also restaurants perhaps off the beaten track or good value for money? + any other place that might be of interest? Cheers Dth
  9. You might get it back. but minus the Silver!!
  10. Have you actually seen some of the new mannequins? Some are almost lifelike. And they have perfect tits with nipples and are perfectly proportioned. Yes, do some more embracing.Guy there was a doc on tv a little while ago that featured guys with those top of the range new dolls and i have to admit i thought, "umm well who knows I might" at the very worst nobody is being cohersed or abused. The thing was though if i recall for the price of the doll he could have had 2 three week holidays to Patts with any number of little hotties (real) to play with, Cheers Dth
  11. wheels up nov 28 2011 back at last

  12. l_bd629cff8c7756cb587a002beb57702b[1].jpg

    oooh shes lovely
  13. thai115.jpg

    Thats a great ass, great photos your girls are a thirsty lot
  14. IMG_0797.jpg

    thats quite an interesting girl. She was featured heavily in a trip report on the secrets site from a guy named slapman, he put up some fantastic pictures of her, and to be honest for me she looked as good as a thai girl could be!!!
  15. pic.f5.1174469493.jpg

    stunning girl but those intira bar images have not been update for some time i believe?