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  4. oops, now I see that you're really back. That message sounded like Kurtz.
  5. Excellent news for you, Guy...Congratulations! Give my best regards to the Chief and Under...I hope they're both doing well.
  6. One more full-timer, congrats, good for you. This board surely needs some activity, good to see you back.
  7. Sorry for the long absence. I was winding things down in California and sold my home, car, furniture and possessions and am now living full time in Jomtien. I am Baaaaaaack and nasty as ever. 555555555555. So? What's new and exciting in all of your lives? I have been getting together regularly with Chief, Ubergrobgeil and Peter who have kept me somewhat up to date. Glad to be back here and looking forward to your participation as well as my absurd comments. Guy
  8. Cute Japanese Teen

    That little cross-eyed look gives me a stiffie.
  9. Cute Japanese Teen

    Shinguji Kagome Shame she only ever appeared in 2 pornos: "Exploring the penis" & "Pure Idol Vol 10"
  10. Arriving late October for a few weeks, who’s in town ?..

  11. DSC00488.JPG

    Whats is this? Beach Road on a really fucking bad day?
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  16. You do the monger monger and turn her around, that's what it's all about.


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  21. Hey guy whats the girls name in your profile pic, she looks she a masage girl in soi 7 beach rd?

    1. Guy360


      Her name is Tammy and she owns a massage parlor in Jomtien.



  22. Looking awesome for 33 years old

    It all goes full circle and what was expected. Mild is still with her Son's father all along. Ha Ha Ha. She has told some members that her son is her brother, she has admitted he is her some to others but always deny that she is with the father. She disappeared one time to go out to get something when another member had her with him in August 2015. He lives part times in England and Thailand..... She says with him when he is in Thailand
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